When we buy furniture for our house, we have the vision of our ideal house, and we hope that the picture will stay that way forever. However, life happens, and once new and fresh furniture starts looking more and more worn. Cleaning will be the good option not only to bring life to your furniture, but moreover, to refresh it and clean the build up. Our technicians use harmless solutions, and are very detail oriented when cleaning either the sofa, the chair, or the rug. The cleaning results are closing to 100% in most cases, however ,sometimes the stains go so deep inside the material, or have been there for quite some time, and there is no guarantee they will come out.

    The cleaning and conditioning is the good solution for reviving the leather furniture piece. The leather is like your skin, if you take good care of it, it will last you a lifetime.

    You spilt red wine on the area rug. The puppy had an accident. Kids just ran into the house with their shoes on. Area rug has been lying and collecting the dust and dirt. Life happens. We are here to help. Our technicians can perform the on-site area rug stain removal or take the rug for the deep cleaning in the shop. After the cleaning the carpet will look like new and smell fresh.

    We recommend cleaning the furniture at least twice a year. With that in mind, we offer the yearly subscription for cleaning. Together with that, we recommend vacuuming the area rugs on the regular basis, and turn them at least once a year to even out the wear.

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