The main goal of Furniture & Repairs is to satisfy the customer with the highest quality of craftsmanship in the industry. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions, our phone number is (818) 818-5117.

Is it free to request a service estimate on your website? 

Yes, you can file the service request form and we will respond to our customers shortly with possible options and ball park estimates for free. However, for the exact estimates and some of the options may require on-site inspection.

How can I get an accurate estimate with several repair / cleaning options?

Accurate estimate with report and pictures can be provided after the on-site inspection.

How much does the on-site inspection cost? 

The on-site inspection costs $50 - $75 (depending on your location).

Why Furniture & Repairs charge for the on-site inspection?

We do have costs that come with the on-site visit that need to be covered. 

Will the technician provide us with an estimate during the visit? Or will I get the estimate emailed?

Technician will discuss all the repair / cleaning options and provide you with the details during the on-site inspection. After, we can email the detailed report with an estimate and attached pictures to you shortly after the technician's visit. 

How can I schedule an appoinment for the on-site visit?

Please fill out our "Service Request" form on the website, or call us at (818) 818 - 5117 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm PST, Saturday 9am-4pm PST, or email us at contact@furnitureandrepairs.com

Will I get a reminder email or a call a day before the visit?

Appointments are confirmed upon scheduling; however, if you need courtesy email or call a day before, you can request the option with one of our representatives. 

How can we find out a more specific ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the technician?

On the day of the visit, you can call us at (818) 818 - 5117 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm PST, Saturday 9am-4pm PST and one of our representaives will be glad to provide you with an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the technician. 

Will the technician call us before arrival? 

Our technician's always call 15-20 minutes prior the visit. However, if you need to request a call ahead of time, one of our representatives will be glad to inform the technician to call in advance as requested. 

Can the technician perform the repair during the on-site inspection, if estimate is approved? 

Yes, all of our technician's are coming to your residence prepared to repair / clean your furniture during the initial visit, if the needed materials, tools, and time are available. 

Do you provide the parts and fabrics?

Yes, we do provide standart parts and materials, such as parachute handles, swith buttons, motors, power boxes, glides, hinges, woodden and metal supports, etc. However, there are some parts that need to be ordered from the manufacturer. For the fabric, you can either provide yourself, or we can help you order from our trusted vendors.

Why our website does not include specific prices?

Damages, several options for the repairs, and expectations of each customer are unique; therefore, having a general price without looking into each case, can overcomplicate the issue. 

Why did the technician take pictures of my furniture that has the damages?

It is very important for us to have the damages and tags of the furniture on the file to be able to assist you in best ways. 

How will I know if the technician is from Furniture & Repairs?

All of our technician's will have the paperwork for the sercive that is needed. They can also present their identification and business cards of our company.

Will the technician have shoe guards? 

Our technician may have shoe guards and will wear them, if requested by the customer. 

Furniture & Repairs services my state, but I'm not able to find the zipcode as your service area.

Please call us at (818) 818 - 5117 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm PST, Saturday 9am-4pm PST or email us at contact@furnitureandrepairs.com (please include your zip code and the type of furniture issue that needs to be addressed). We might be able to provide a service in your area for an additional travel fee.

Is there a drop off / pick up option for the customer? 

Yes, our main office is located in Los Angeles. If you would like to do drop off / pick up yourself, it is possible. Please contact us at (818) 818 - 5117 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm PST, Saturday 9am-4pm PST to discuss the details, since we need to schedule an  appointment for that option as well.

How does Furniture & Repairs work? Do you repair on-site or in-shop?

We do most of the repairs / cleaning on-site. However, complicated and hard work, such as reupholstery, refinishing, redye are usually done in-shop. 

What kind of payment methods can be used? 

Cash, Credit / Debit Cards, Checks. 

Do you have an upholstery chart?

Yes, you can find our upholstery chart in the tab named "Services" or click on the link below. 


How can I choose a material for my reupholstery job?

In most areas, the technician can bring samples of leather, vinyl, and fabric. You can also visit the website of our trusted vendor for more material options. 


Can I supply the material myself? 

Yes, our technician's are able to work with your materials and parts.

Do you restore antique furniture? 

Yes, we have the best technician, who specifically works on restoring antique furniture.

Are your technician's background checked? 

Yes, all of our technicians are screened and successfully passed with satisfaction. We checked criminal and driving records, background, as well as tested for drugs.

On which other media's can I check your ratings? 

We are on Yelp, Angie's List, Google, Porch, Home Advisor, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Do you work with warranty services? 

Yes, we specialize in working with insurance and warranty companies such as Guardian, Guardsman, Uniters, Palladio, Montage, GBS Warranty Services, Fortegra, etc.

What happens when the technician can not repair / clean OR repair does not hold / stain is still present after cleaning?

Our technician's file the report with supporting documentaries and pictures to your warranty company. Their expert's review the provided information and decide the next step on your claim. Please contact your warranty services for further assistance. We would be glad to provide you with direct phone number.

Is technician the last person to make a decision regarding my warranty claim? 

No, our technician's do not determine the final solution. They follow company standards and have a neural opinion regarding your claim. They file the report with supporting documentaries and pictures to your warranty company. Their expert's review the provided information and make the final decision. 

How to start a business relationship with Furniture & Repairs?

Please file the "Business" request on our website. As well as you can contact us at (818) 818 - 5117 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm PST, Saturday 9am-4pm PST and email us at contact@furnitureandrepairs.com to discuss further information and details. 

What is the payment term for Business account? 

Our company uses NET30. However, if you would like, you can discuss different payment term with our management.