Recliner repair

     So, you bought yourself one of these amazing recliner chairs or even a set of two or more. You have enjoyed the luxury of laying comfortably while watching the favorite movie, or simply relaxing after a long a day at work, when suddenly, the handle breaks, the recliner stops moving. Even worse, the recliner simply does not go up and is stuck in the open position right in the middle of the living room, eating up the space. Thousands of people deal with the same recliner issues every day, which is why our technicians have great experience in repairing them, the recliners we mean.


    During the visit, the technician will inspect the recliner, determine the problem and repair. The technician can provide some parts he always has with him (pull handles, cords, power boxes, even motors, if fit) and complete the repairs. If the inspection shows that the parts needs to be ordered and replaced, we will help you with ordering the part, and install it once it arrives.

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