Finish Repair

    Often, the dining ware can leave the watermarks or heat marks on the surface, which cannot be removed by simply wiping up the area. During the inspection our technician can offer you several repair options to remove the ugly circles and stains. Usually, the technicians are able to remove the watermarks/ heatmarks up to 100%. They then apply the layer of polish to seal the repaired area and blend it in with the rest of the surface. The repair is done on-site, and you can continue to enjoy your furniture in a matter of several hours.

    If the stains are old, they most likely went deep in to the finish. The best solution is to refinish the surface altogether. The refinish is also a good option if you would like to change the color or update the finish. We always recommend scheduling the tech visit, during which the technician will inspect the furniture and provide you with several options for refinishing.

    Let’s say you decided to refresh the look of your bedroom, you bought new bed and dresser, but cannot part with the old nightstands just yet. But there is one huge problem- the colors do not match. It is not a problem for us - we can repaint the furniture with any color, and even change the finish, to match the style. Our professionals will pick up the furniture for the in-shop repair and deliver as soon as the process is completed.

    The furniture does not have to be brand new to look new. We can provide any type cosmetic repairs: any chips, dents or scratches can be touched up, filled in, color matched. Often, the furniture is being damaged during the moving process. Either you moved the furniture yourself, or hired the trusted professionals, we will be able to help. After the technician inspects the furniture, he provides you with the proper consultation and advises what can be done.


    If you open the claim with the moving company, we can provide you with the professional tech report including the description of all the damaged items, and the estimate for repairs. Once repair is approved, the technician will come back and complete everything in timely manner.

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