Seam Separation, Rips, Tears Repair

    If you notice the threads coming out from the seams, and the material is separating at seams, we will be happy to help. The reason can be either the MFG defect, or the seams just started to open with time. Our technicians can hand stitch the seam separations on-site, or take the covers for the machine sewing in the shop, if it is an option.

     We will also be happy to assist you with the fraying, cut or tear in fabric. Depending on the severity of the damage, the technician can either hand stitch the area or put a patch on it.

   If you are looking for the tufting to be repaired, look no further. Our technicians are able to reattach the tufting, whether it on on the attached surface or removable. They can also make the new tufting button if it got lost somewhere. The repairs are performed on site, and you can continue to enjoy the furniture in a matter of several hours.

     Leather, with time, may start to peel and crack. Our leather experts can touch up or redye the damaged area. The repair will also help to slow the further deterioration down.The leather furniture can also be patched up. We noticed that the most worn areas on leather furniture are the headrests or back covers. Our technicians can patch the torn areas up with spare leather piece and then match the color of the repaired area with the rest of the furniture.

    If you think that patching up the beloved sofa will not solve the problem, there is another option we can offer - reupholstery.


     If you are a cat or a dog owner, then you definitely experienced the animal damages on either material furniture or wooden furniture. Very often, the cat owners complain about torn cambric underneath the upholstered furniture, or clawed upholstery. Dog owners have more serious problems - torn or chewed armrests, seat cushions, wooden furniture, etc. In either way, our professionals will be happy to assist you with the repairs. We can provide dust cover material, repair fraying, scratches, patch up or offer reupholstery for missing fabric parts, add extra padding.

   If your pet had an accident, we got you covered, as well. Please refer to "cleaning" service.


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